Nutritional Healing

Natural healing is possible! We believe that the body is capable of healing itself, and when given specific support it’s even more powerful. Our nutrition coaching begins with listening to your health problems and situations. We want to understand what you’re dealing with and how that affects your life on a daily basis. This technique is for specific complaints you have going on, but it’s also for overall wellness care.

We focus on these general areas before diving into your specific concerns

Foundational Nutrition

If the foundation of a house is crooked—the house will start to become crooked. The same is true of your body. If your hydration, digestion, vitamins/minerals, fatty acids, and sugar handling are out of alignment your body will be too.

Cellular and Environmental Disruptors

These are factors that disrupts the healing process in the body, including biological pathway issues that block normal physiology, chemicals, heavy metals, and other known toxins.

Other Barriers to Healing

These could be immune challenges, food sensitivities, and even scars.

We use these techniques to identify your unique nutritional needs

As holistic nutritionists, we have an intentional and systematic way of asking the body questions, and allowing the body to talk to us. Your body can tell us what it needs to get rid of or what it could use more of to get rid of it’s health issue. It takes the guess work out of your treatment.

Nutrition Response Testing

Dr. Emily Lo preforming Nutritional Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing utilizes applied kinesiology (also known as muscle response testing) to uncover stressors in the body. Once stressors are determined, whole-food nutritional supplements are introduced to restore the body’s natural and effective recovery system.

Nutrition Response Testing is gentle and precise, and is used to access and remedy the root cause of tricky issues—even those that have been unresponsive to other methods. It is good for all ages, for all issues of ill health.

Morphogenic Field Technique

Dr. Emily Lo preforming Morphogenic Field Technique

Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) is a non-invasive alternative healing modality practiced by hundreds of health care practitioners across the country. Our technique leverages muscle response testing to read your energy field and gain health information about the energetic state of your cells.

Through MFT we are able to test for the energies of health challenges as well as solutions to those challenges. We use MFT because of its effectiveness in identifying the root causes of disease and the bio-individual information that determines the unique nutritional needs of your body.

Learn more about MFT

We work with you to achieve your goals

We believe health is a process and it takes time. Once your body tells us what’s going on, we create protocols for your specific situation using whole food nutrition, homeopathic, or herbal supplementation, as well as dietary and lifestyle recommendations. We will see you on a consistent basis until your issues are being handled. Every person’s healing time is different, it depends on lifestyle, how long you’ve had the issues, plus a couple other factors.

Phase I: Initial Consultation

26 weekly follow-up visits

During Phase I, your nutritionist will listen to your concerns and learn about factors in your individual environment. Using our specialized techniques, we will provide a Report of Findings and work to develop a nutritional protocol that is tailored specifically to your needs. During this time we will also be reviewing your diet and lifestyle and offering guidance in order to maximize your healing process.

Phase II: Stabilization

812 visits

This part of the healing process requires less frequent visits based on your individual progress. During this phase, your practitioner will monitor and fine-tune your nutritional protocol as your body heals (this may or may not include, changing in doses, adding/deleting supplements or other further recommendations may be made). Our bodies restore themselves by getting rid of old cells and building new ones. Because each body system is different the time it takes to heal differs from person to person.

Phase III: Maintenance

As needed visits

This phase is entirely dependent on you. Once most patients have reached their health goals, they would like to stay there. That is easily accomplished by continuing a healthy lifestyle. Typically, patients visit us quarterly for ‘check-ins’ during each seasonal change. Others are seen anywhere from monthly to annually. Each individual is different. The more often you are tested, the more your health can be monitored and the greater you benefit. We are here whenever you need us.

We recommend following these guidelines to get the most benefit from your treatment

  1. Take your recommended supplements. If you miss a does, make it up at your next dose. If you miss more than one dose, skip them and get back on track.
  2. Keep your visits as scheduled. Show up on time, to get your full treatment time.
  3. We meet you where you are and advise you on your journey.
  4. If you are taking other supplements, continue taking them. You can bring them with you to an appointment and we can help determine if your body wants them.
  5. Nutritional supplements do not cause side effects, they are not drugs. Occasionally after starting your initial protocol you may feel a temporary worsening or even “sick.” If this occurs, do not cancel your appointment. Contact us. We will advise you on whether changes to your protocol are necessary, or if you should be tested sooner. Sometimes this occurs when the body undergoes a healing crisis (this is often a sign that the body is getting to work). Since we test for the right amount of supplements for your body, it is not common to experience this.

Don’t let your conditions define you. Take charge of your health today!
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