We utilize passive therapies to help calm down painful inflammation that occurs during an injury. The therapies described on this page are designed to make you feel better and decrease the time needed for healing to occur. Combined with chiropractic care, therapy is great for relieving low back pain, alleviating headaches, and loosening tight muscles.

Active Release Technique

A therapy designed to help mobilize soft tissue using manual muscle tension while performing theraputic movements. Active release technique is great for conditions such as tension knots and low back stiffness.

Dry Needling

A therapy that utilizes sterile, single-use needles to create a micro-trauma in a problem area to promote positive inflammation, which accelerates healing in the body. Dry needling is great for headaches and deep pain in the muscles or joints.  

Fascial Distortion Model

A technique that we utilize to address fascial (web-like material that covers all soft tissue) dysfunction which improves fascial and muscular mobility and function. Fascial distortion model works great for neck stiffness and chronic shoulder pain. 


Dr. Jerry Lo treating at patient with the Hypervolt

This machine is a wonderful instrument that uses vibration to stimulate blood flow in an area to increase recovery.  We use the Hypervolt for conditions like neck stiffness and tight hamstrings. 

Learn more about the Hypervolt

Infrared Sauna

Infrared sauna at Spine & Strength clinic

This therapy utilizes heat and energy to detox the entire body and reduce inflammation. We love using the infrared sauna for chronic, whole body inflammation, like anxiety and it also helps improve sleep.

Learn more about our infrared sauna

LightForce® Laser

Dr. Jerry Lo treating a patient with the LightForce Laser

A therapy that utilizes energy from a light source to improve circulation to an injured area which will decrease the time needed to heal and decrease pain levels.  The light force laser is great for chronic inflammatory injuries like tennis and golfers elbow and acute injuries, like hamstring strains.

Learn more about LightForce Laser Therapy

Rock Tape 

We use this to help stabilize a joint or a muscle to improve function. Rock tape helps with shoulder impingement and wrist problems. 

Learn more about Rock Tape

Gua Sha

This instrument aided soft tissue manipulation increases blood flow to a problem area, which in turn helps increase oxygen supply to that area. Gua She helps with chronically tight shoulders and mid-backs.

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