Becoming Strongfirst

The Journey to Strongfirst

When I first saw a kettlebell, I was intrigued, scared, curious, then motivated. I experienced my first workout in the parking lot of the chiropractic college I was attending in 2012, 2 months before I graduated. After only 10 minutes of swings, I was drenched in sweat and I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest, I was hooked.

Fast forward to August 2016, I decided to take on the challenge of becoming a strong first certified kettlebell instructor. So I hired a trainer and began the journey. Training 4-5 days a week for 5 months, you experience a lot of changes, highs and lows. I struggled with injuries, holiday season and starting my own business. However, through all of that I kept on persisting to reach my goal and attending a certification. About 3 months into training I felt confident enough where I signed up for a certification in Atlanta Georgia.

The weeks prior to the certification, I sustained a significant shoulder injury that reduced my pressing weight by 4 kilograms. I was very concerned about the test since I had already paid for it and I did not know if I could pass. Thru the guidance of a good coach and proper recovery, I was finally able to do the proper weights to pass the required test.

The Test Weekend

January 27, 2016 the morning of the weigh in. D- day, if I weighed in less than 150 I was fairly prepared to pass the test. I get the to the gym extra early, strip my clothes off down to just my shorts and I get on the scale, 149 lbs, lets roll! Thanks to my wonderful coach, Zack Henderson, I passed the test and was even nominated to become an assistant for a future seminar!

The weekend was an incredible experience of mental, spiritual and physical endurance. I learned a lot about myself and what I was able to accomplish. The big take away was, trust the process. In order to trust the process, you must hire someone or seek out someone’s guidance that has a history of success. PAY FOR QUALITY. There were many people at the certification that did not pay for a coach and unfortunately they did not pass the strength test or the snatch test.

If you learn to love the process and enjoy the journey, the end goal will take care of itself. Make sure you have a goal in sight, but you must become passionate about the details. That is where you become successful, daily healthy habits translate to lifelong dreams.

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