Normatec has landed at Spine and Strength!

What is Normatec you might be asking yourself?

What are those big puffy pants? Is it a return of parachute pants from the 80’s? Ha, we wish!  

Instead it is an innovative recovery system we can utilize to help decrease healing time, increase range of motion and lessen muscle pain!  Not as cool as the 80’s parachute pants, we know, but it’s close.  

The Normatec compression system helps recovery through slow compression of the legs and hips. This compression is done in such a fashion to clear any built up of metabolites, that contribute to pain and soreness. 

Our Normatec system is wonderful post-workout, as a workout warm up or to just help loosen you up.

One session is about 30 minutes and you can do it easily before or after an adjustment.  We are also offering packages for 10 normatec sessions for $200.  

Come in, tell all your friends, be cool and try our new normatec tec!

Photo courtesy of @Hyperice on Instagram.

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