What is Sole and Why You Should be Making it!

What is sole? (pronounced so-lay)

It is water that has been fully saturated with unrefined, natural salt like Himalayan salt.

Fully saturated sole water with Himalayan salt

Why drink sole?

  • Hydration: the minerals are very small and can easily pass into your cells, turning them immediately into energy. over drinking plain water can actually dilute your minerals and electrolytes, pushing your body into stress and causing dehydration.
  • Sleep: dehydration affects the quality of your sleep. drinking sole during the day can help you sleep more soundly.
  • Hair, Skin, & Nails: the minerals in the sole are great for nourishing you hair, skin, and nails. these include iodine, zinc, chromium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and more!
  • Energy: do you get that afternoon energy slump? it could be caused by dehydration. sole helps with hydration so having a glass each morning can keep you hydrated longer and prevent that feeling of a 3pm nap.

“In a nine-week study undertaken in 2003, at the Inter-University of Graz, Austria, examined the effects of Himalayan Crystal Salt on physical and psychological functions of the body. It is the only salt ever to have been the subject of comprehensive double-blind scientific research. The results of the study, presented in the book, Water & Salt – The Essence of Life by Dr. Barbara Hendel, M.D. and biophysicist Peter Ferreira, confirmed significant positive changes in respiratory, circulatory, organ, connective tissue and nervous system functions. Patients also reported increases in quality of sleep, energy and concentration levels, brain activity, weight loss, enhanced consciousness, and noticeable hair and nail growth.”

How to make and use sole!

  • glass jar with non-metal lid
  • good quality salt (Himalayan Salt, Real Salt, Celtic Sea Salt)
  • filtered water

fill jar 1/4 way with salt, add filtered water (leave a little room at the top), put on lid, shake, leave on counter overnight to allow salt to dissolve.

If there is still some salt at bottom of jar, water has absorbed max amount of salt and is ready to use.

If all the salt is absorbed, continue to add more salt each day until some remains. This means the water is fully saturated with salt and ready to use.

Each morning, on an empty stomach, add one teaspoon of sole to a glass of filtered water and drink. Don’t add more starting off, you can gradually increase to one tablespoon per day.

Sole mineral water is excellent for hydration.

**Do not use a metal container or mix with metal utensil, because salt mixed with water will oxidize metals. Keep sole covered while not using, so it doesn’t evaporate. More water and salt can be added as needed to keep up the amount in the jar.

DO NOT USE TABLE SALT to make sole. If you’re still consuming table salt in general. Stop it. It’s terrible for you. It is mostly sodium chloride and  almost no nutrients, plus it’s chemically produced and bleached. According to Water & Salt – the Essence of Life: “Water is taken from our cells in order to neutralize the sodium chloride in the table salt, causing the dehydrated body cells to die.”

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