The Energy Within

2020 is upon us and with every new year, and this time a new decade, we all want to improve/change something about ourselves.

New years resolutions have been set and we have all the best intentions to keep them.  However, according to business insider approximately 80% of all new years resolutions fail by February 1.  So let’s prep our mind to handle the energies within us to make those positive changes in our lives instead of becoming a statistic.  

  1. Ask yourself why do you want make the change, i.e. why do I want to exercise more? Is it to look better or is it to live a healthier life to spend more time with family? 
  2. Once you realize your ‘why’ for the change, make the change easy to do. For example if your goal is to exercise more, instead of going to gym everyday-lets just start with 1 visit a week and move up from there.  
  3. Finally, after 3 months reassess your why and see if they still align with your actions.  

Instead of shocking your system with a grandiose change, try utilizing a scalable method of creating a value behind your goals helps us achieve our change. Your energy inside of you is a powerful force and when harnessed can achieve great things. Nevertheless, it needs to be directed, if let loose without direction things can go awry.  
This painting to me symbolizes our energy inside – I see a brewing potential of sunlight and also a brewing potential of a storm.  You can choose which one you want to harness and how you can make the changes to align with your values.  

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