Holiday Stress Tips

Ahhh it’s that time of the year again, the holidays. Where you are strapped for time to attend all those holiday parties, shop and get to see everyone that you want to see.  

The increase in obligations often lead to increase in stress levels which lead to holiday burn out or eating your feelings as our friend Buddy the Elf illustrates.

Lets explore a few things we can do to help you reduce your stress levels during the busy month of December so you can enjoy all the eggnog and holiday cheer and not come off as a grinch.  

First let’s arm ourselves with snacks we can eat which help ease cortisol (our stress hormone.) 

  1. Nuts – have vitamin B, which decrease our levels 
  2. Dark Chocolate – yum, but only 1.4 oz is the recommended amount 
  3. Sweet Red Peppers – high in Vitamin C, which also counter acts cortisol levels 
  4. Spinach – high in Magnesium, which promotes relaxation. 

Second, getting a chiropractic adjustment during the holiday months improves you parasympathetic tone.  When you receive an adjustment, we are directly affecting how your body relaxes and helps your body let go of tension and pain.  

Third, make sure you spend time going for a walk or getting some sun if you can.  If you are in an area without sunlight find a place with an infrared sauna, like the one in our clinic, that have Chromotherapy lights. These lights and sauna helps your body produce Vitamin D and helps you relax.  

These are three simple ways to prevent holiday burnout, which allows us to appreciate the true purpose of the holiday season-gratitude for our friends and family. 

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