Have low back pain? Looking for relief? Try these 3 stretches/exercises.

80% of Americans will experience back pain at least once in their life. ACA Today

– I am one of those Americans, irony that a chiropractor has low back pain.

In this blog, we will identify three easy stretches to get that much needed low back pain relief that you are seeking. These exercises are also very efficient and will only take about 15 minutes, saving you time to get back to doing the things you enjoy. 

There are many causes for back pain and low back pain. The majority of the time it is because your muscles are uneven, causing a painful pull/spasm/tension in your low back. This uneven tension leads to pain, and friends, never underestimate the pain a muscle spams can cause.  

Why does this uneven tension occur? Generally it’s a result of chronic inactivity during the day. Unfortunately, the majority of our work life is done on a computer and it is very hard to get the needed activity in our daily routine. However, if you take a few 15-20 minute breaks throughout the day to do these stretches, you will feel so much better.  

Here are three quick, simple and easy exercises you can do for low back pain relief.     

  1. Using a foam roller 
  2. Learn to do a glute bridges 
  3. Lunge stretch. 

These three stretches will help you feel better the next time you have a bought with low back pain.  

Furthermore, the stretches are effective because we are targeting weak muscles and strengthen them, while also loosening up chronically tight/spasmed muscles.  

Give these exercises a try over 1 week and you should notice a difference in your low back pain. Additionally, check out our other blogs for more or our instagram page for updates on how we are Combating back pain through stretches!

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