COVID-19 put a pause on all of our lives.  

No one is able to escape the impact that this virus is having on our lives.  This is the reality, but with this new pause on life, there are some silver linings that are available.  This article is my attempt to find the positive in this tough situation. 

  • Positive number 1- I get to finally learn that new skill that I’ve been putting off, but realize I am really not that motivated in pursing it.  Who is guilty of this one?  At least it lets me know what I really cherish. With all this free time now available I still don’t learn that skill that I thought I wanted to learn. 
  • Positive number 2 – I realize how much I need a routine or something to accomplish (this is my enneagram type 3 coming out).  This forced slow down has made me come to grips with my internal dialogue of achievement equals self worth.  This slow down allows me to work on that dialogue toward more positive affirmation: instead of productivity I think peaceful mind. 
  • Positive number 3 – I am able to work on my communication skills with my wife.  This is something that is very crucial in a relationship, especially during a quarantine.  This will be trying, but will pay off dividends in the long run. A funny poll I saw the other day was : what is going to happen more because of this quarantine, Divorce? Or Babies? It is funny, true, sad and scary all at once.  These mixed emotions are sort of what I feel on a daily basis, one minute I think I got it, the next i don’t, then I do again.  This time at home has allowed me to learn how to properly communicate these feelings in a vulnerable space.  

Moral of this blog-find three things that you have gained or realized about yourself in these times, this self exploration time and discovery, if noted, can play positive dividends! 

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