Quarantine Thoughts

These are my thoughts and my thoughts alone, which are not up for debate. Read on at your own risk.

  1. We are blessed to have homes that allow us to shelter in place.
  2. People, generally speaking, want the same thing, which is a healthy life and family- not everyone agrees on how to get there.
  3. Our government, for the most part, is trying their best to help out the country. The results; however, are mixed.
  4. I realize how much I appreciated the ability to go out and eat and socialize with people.
  5. My need to achieve/move forward, daily, has be slowed and really analyzed as to why do I need this. Great introspective look on behavior.
  6. Slowing down is productive.
  7. At least nature and animals are enjoying less human traffic.
  8. My “normal” life pre quarantine relied on many other parts – this shows how reliant I am upon external forces. How can I change this in the future?
  9. It is inevitable to be affected by things out of your control – learning to react positively to these external forces is crucial to keeping your soul and mind sane. 
  10. When this is over, I hope people realize how much we need each other and that it is possible to achieve your goals while not at the expense of your neighbor.
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