Immune Boosters for Fall

This pandemic and everything involved with it is like a dark cloud that is hanging over everyone. However, you can take steps to boost your immune system and ease your mind.  

With schools going back to session and summer turning in to fall activities I wanted to provide some tips to help you maintain a healthy immune system. It is imperative that we prepare our bodies for the changes in seasons and daily environment. Here are 3 things you can do do improve your immune system. 

  1. Sleep – sleep is when you body repairs itself and heals. If we do not get enough sleep our body is constantly on overdrive and it does not let our immune system function properly. 
  2. Exercise – moving everyday and sweating improves our immune system through changes in our blood chemistry. When we exercise we release certain proteins (BDNF) in our brain and body. These proteins are designed to help fight virus and infections in our body. 
  3. Eat more greens –  Green vegetables have healing properties in them that boost our natural immunity.  Those include Vitamins A, C, E-which act as a natural immune booster.  I recommend broccoli and cabbage – if you like fermented items, try making some kimchi.  Fermenting of vegetables improves our gut microbiome which improves our immune system. It is a wonderful use of left over cabbage and it also has wonderful healing benefits.  Here is an example of some kimchi I recently made:

If you follow these three steps, you will give your body a better chance at fighting off any unwanted infections.  The bodies immune system is wonderful and when given the correct support it will help you fight off all sorts of bad things.  

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