Baby Probiotics

More and more often it seems like people are turning to probiotics to improve their gut and digestive health. However, did you know that infants can also benefit from probiotics? 

According to an article by NPR; Australia, Japan, Sweden and Finland have made probiotics a standard regiment for newborns. In the US we have begun adopting the process for premature and underweight babies. 

By intorducing probiotics to newborns, medicial professionals are striving to “restoring the diversity of bacteria in our guts may help fend off conditions such as allergies and autoimmune diseases” thus giving kinds an immune boost from the start. Additionally, to the above benefits it is also thought that probiotics can prevent eczema and sooth colic.

The newest Lo, Edison, has been taking two probiotics (Wellements Organic Probiotic Drops and MetaKids Baby Probiotics). And as an objective outsider I can say that Edison is generally very happy and not fussy whatsoever. It definitely seems like probiotics are worth a shot, especially if you are encountering colic or digestion issues.

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