Virus fighting techniques.

We are coming into the colder months and we want to prep our immune system to fight off any unwanted infections. Infections can come from a virus or a bacteria that gets into our system and causes an inflammatory response.

Here are some great ways to fight off infections: 

  1. Eat garlic – not only does it fight off vampires but garlic and onions are great at fighting off infections and have antimicrobial properties that are designed to keep us healthy.
  2. Eat foods that have Vitamins A, C, and D in them.
    1. Vitamin A – Broccoli, brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes (Check out this great recipe here). We also have supplements that contain these vitamin like Cataplex A.
    2. Vitamin C – Bell peppers and brussels. Cataplex A-C.
    3. Vitamin D3 – Eggs, tuna and salmon – Cod liver oil and Cataplex D.
  3. Eat foods with Zinc and drink plenty of fluids/broths.
    1. Foods with Zinc are oysters and red meat – Immunplex has this mineral. 
  4. Finally eat fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi.  These foods help your microbiome and gut which then keeps you healthy to fight off any infections. 

These are four simple foods we can eat to prepare our immune system for the oncoming colder weather.  The final simple tip is to get more sleep. You now have a great excuse to sleep more and eat more steak!

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