Vaccine Outlook

Should I or Shouldn’t I?

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So we finally have a light at the end of the tunnel. The vaccine being available is a wonderful piece of modern science and medical marvel.  This feeling of safety is the cure to our fear of an unknown virus. 

Will this Vaccine save us from everything? NO, but it will ameliorate fear in our society, which lifts our collective energy and soul. Am I going to get the Vaccine? Undecided. 

Am I being selfish? Irresponsible? Unsafe? Dumb? We will see. But the truth of it is this, I do not get the flu shot and I have been okay with it.  The thing about this vaccine is, it does NOT prevent the spread of the virus, it makes your immune system stronger and more alert. It helps our body fight it off since it already recognizes the DNA of the virus through the inoculation process of the vaccine. 

Now, this means, to me, that if I take all the steps I know how to keep a healthy immune system, then I should be fine. But what if I pass it on? Again, I reiterate, getting the vaccine does not prevent you from spreading it.  The whole idea of mass vaccinations is if enough people are vaccinated, our collective immune system will fight off the virus thus not having a host to live on. 

the steps in my brain then appear to be, get vaccinated to help your immune system or do other immune boosting habits that will also fight off the virus.  So where do I go from here? I do not have a solid answer.  But as of writing this I am leaning towards not receiving the vaccine and letting someone take my place. 

I hope that if you are reading this, you respect my thoughts and are able to have an open mind. Whether or not you agree with me is another story, this country allows us to disagree but still move forward.      

Vaccines are a wonderful medical marvel, that is not necessary for everyone.    

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