Patient Case Study!

This blog post highlights on how a patient was able to improve their health through a few decisive steps.  This patient of ours reported to us in December of 2020 that their blood pressure was reading 180/90. Their primary care physician was recommending they start on blood pressure medicine. 

This patient declined and they spoke with us about going about this situation with a different strategy to lower their blood pressure. 

The strategy we provided included the following, 

  • Adjustments weekly 
  • Decrease alcohol and increase leafy green intake
  • Increase exercise 
  • Mediate daily.  

The routine was continued for 3 weeks, and then we did another reading of their blood pressure. And we got a reading of 145/80 it was an improvement, but it wasn’t where we wanted it to be. 

With the result we had we continued with this strategy. It has been 8 weeks since we started this patient on this routine. With that being said the patient has reported getting their blood pressure down to 127/80!  

After 8 weeks of diligent work, our patient dropped their blood pressure to an acceptable level and they did this all through natural interventions.  Moral of the story is you are in charge of your health.  99% of the time there is different way to reach your health goals.  Remember to collaborate with your healthcare provider to achieve the results that you want. 

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