“You don’t know what you don’t know”

Life continues to amaze and astonish me.  You live long enough, your thought’s and beliefs will be challenged and changed.  Maybe what you thought you believed in when you were 15 years old has changed when you turned 33.  Often times when you have  new life experiences your attitude and perspective changes drastically. 

Recently I experienced this type of awakening.  One was a fun experience and the other was more of a life changing.  

On Tuesday April 27, 2021 we made the leap and decided to buy an electric mower!  Big step in my life, I have been using a gas mower all my life and never thought that an electric mower could replace my gas powered mower.  But my gas power mower broke recently and we bought a Torro electric mower and my initial experience is, WHY DIDN’T I BUY ONE SOONER!  Let me tell you, I realized I did not have to deal with getting the correct gas, the correct oil, making sure the carburetor is clean, FREAKING PULL STARTING the mower.  LIFE Changer.  This is something that I did not know was out there and I am glad I now know!  

The experience that preceded me making this huge leap of buying an electric mower was learning more about handguns.  That experience is what really opened my eyes to what else I might be missing in life and gave me the courage to try new things! 

Let’s talk about guns,  I did not grow up in a household that had guns, nor did I ever go hunting or to the range.  I was pretty indifferent about guns growing up.  However, recently it seems impossible not to have a strong stance one way or another on guns. 

So instead of letting my opinion or reality be swayed by a talking head on TV, I decided to educate myself on them and I took a handgun safety class.  

Walking in to the class, I had been shooting a handful of times.  A few times with my father in law and a few times with a few co workers, but never on my own and never with proper training. 

I had a small idea of what to expect, the obvious things, you are going to shoot something powerful and you will hit a target.  

What I did not expect is walking away from the experience in a zen/meditative state.  There is a sense of peace when learning how to properly utilize a handgun and fire it correctly that leaves your body in a state of zen.  

In order to hit your target, you have to control your breath and lose yourself in the moment.  It is controlling your adrenaline and channeling it to accomplish your goal.

Walking away from that experience, I was wondering to myself, what other experiences do I not know about? The old saying is true, the more you learn the less you know, which then relates to the title of this article, you don’t know what you don’t know.  

I encourage anyone who reads this to experience new things, get uncomfortable and let yourself be a novice again.  The experience is incredible.   

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