Staph! Strep! Yeast! Oh My!

Fun Fact! The amount of bacteria living on your hand is greater than the population of the WORLD! An approximate count of the bacteria in the human body is………..5 million trillion trillion!  That’s a number 5 with 30 zeros after it!  That is alot of bacteria.

The big take away from the seminar is, the bacteria in our body are what dictates how healthy we are.

People don’t just get STREP throat!  Strep is a bacteria that is naturally in our body, but when we have an OVERGROWTH of this bacteria we then have symptoms of “STREP THROAT!”

To prevent an overgrowth, we must “weed” our bacteria much like the same way we weed our garden.

We offer a specific program that weeds out the excess growth in your body through supplementation.

Action Plan!

After the weeding, we then begin the feeding process.  This is the fun part! This involves eating REAL FOOD!

Kim Chi is a great fementated food that helps heal the gut!

Other great options include: black beans, chia seeds, and brussel sprouts.

Become a patient today to discover more!

Yours in health,
Dr. J. Lo!




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